Tired of the same old, boring treadmill routine???

Looking for a fun way to loose weight, increase stamina and improve your fitness while having loads of fun ??

Look no further… Here at Zumba for beginners you will discover a lot of helpful information about the latest fitness and exercise craze - Zumba.

Here at Zumba for beginners, we have attempted to answer some of the common questions that beginners often have about Zumba and provide you with some links to help you learn more about this fun filled dance and exercise routine.

So what is Zumba anyways ?

Zumba For Beginners Answer: Zumba is an exercise program like none other that you have experienced. Combining latin dance, hip hop and some serious cardiovascular fitness training, Zumba is a fun dance routine which combines dance moves and lively music to give you a fun, lively way to exercise, loose weight, recharge your batteries and get super fit.  Learn more about this lively fitness routine at Zumba for beginners.

Is Zumba the right weight loss, fitness program for me ?

Zumba For Beginners Answer: If you are ready to get in shape in a program that is easy to learn, keeps you motivated in a lighthearted fun way, Zumba is just the right thing for you. The initial workout start with slow pace of music and short routines. The simple initial steps focus on learning the basic moves of latin dance and hip hop and gradually build up to a faster pace. As you browse through the pages at Zumba For Beginners, you will find several exercises to fit your level of fitness.

Do I needs special gear for Zumba ?

Zumba For Beginners Answer: Not at all. With Zumba you do not need to invest in costly gym memberships or buy costly and bulky equipment. All you need is to be ready to have lots of fun while doing some serious cardiovascular fitness exercises.

Wear something loose fitting and be ready to sweat and shed those extra pounds. If you have some dance shoes, these will come in handy later on but for the beginner, an old worn out pair of trainers that do not grip the floor too much would work just fine. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated during the entire workout and most important of all, let yourself loose and have fun.

How many calories can I burn during a workout?

Zumba For Beginners Answer: While the total calories burnt during any exercise regimen including Zumba varies with duration and intensity of the exercise. In a typical one hour session of Zumba, you can expect to burn between 800-900 calories.

Will I be able to loose weight with Zumba?

Zumba For Beginners Answer: Yes. Combined with a healthy diet, Zumba can help you loose weight. It really depends on your discipline to follow your healthy diet and exercise program. Several people have lost considerable weight with Zumba.

How does Zumba compare to other forms of exercise ?

Zumba For Beginners Answer: Unlike traditional gym equipment / exercise machines which work on one muscle at a time and take up several hours of hardwork, with Zumba you will start seeing a quick change in the strength of your core muscles, tightening of your abdominal muscles and a much more shapely torso while having a lot of fun doing it. Going through one full fitness exercise in Zumba will exercise your entire upper body, lower body and core leaving you feeling happier, lighter ( no pun intended) and healthier.


I am not very coordinated…. Is Zumba really for me ?

Zumba For Beginners Answer: Don’t worry about this at all. Start with the basic steps at Zumba for beginners, and soon you will be into this like it is second nature. Zumba for beginners has helped has been used by people of all levels of fitness to find a routine that works well for them.  So get ready for a time of your life. You have nothing to worry about.



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